Which good mouse pads are cheap and durable?


1. Razer

Razer is a prestigious brand of computer accessories. They supply high-end mice, keyboards, pads for technology users.

They are designed with a strong as well as modern design for the user to choose. Besides, they have highly sensitive surface for precise mouse operation, moderate thickness, comfortable use for long periods of time. Moreover, they own a mid-range price for users can have ability to afford.

3. Logitech

Logitech brand is a big player in the market of computer accessories, high-end computer accessories. Their pads receive compliments for durability, high sensitivity surface with mouse touch to improve optimal mouse performance.

Mouse pads of this brand have an elegant as well as simple design. Beside, the underside of the pads is efficient anti-slip. However, Logitech pads are quite expensive.

4. Steelseries mouse pads

They provide a variety of high-quality products, for the users to help them have the best experience. The surface is almost perfectly processed for high mouse sensitivity, precision in operations.

High-quality rubber and fabric pads create a stable surface for mouse operation. Besides, simple design with striking black suit with Steelseries logo. However, the price is quite high in comparison with to the general market.

5. Xiaomi

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Xiaomi is a big and famous brand, originating in China, offering a variety of fashinable designs but still popular with users.

The quality is not so outstanding as Seelseries or Logitech. Nevertheless, the stability will also brings great value to users. The price of xiaomi pads is quite cheap, which is one of their advantages.

6. Overwatch mouse pads

They are diverse in models, designs suitable for gamers to choose. Premium material for high durability, high sensitivity surface makes it easy for users to adjust the mouse accurately. Also, low price is an advantage of mouse pad belonging to this brand.

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