Top 3 best cheap mouse pads today


The following article will give the readers information about the most affordable mouse pads in 2019.

1. Logitech G240 high-end gaming mousepad

Logitech G240 for gamers with smooth surface processing, for high-speed manipulation, users can easily adjust and reflect the game quickly.

logitech g240 advanced touchpad

Rubber pads, durable fabric surface, size 340x280x1mm, giving users large area to move. The bottom surface is designed to prevent slipping and helps users operate on stable pads.

Soft pads, creating a sense of comfort for the hand when operating for a long time. Moreover, exquisite, modern design with monochrome black and Logitech brand logos bring the level to professional gamers. Besides, the price is about 300 thousand.

2. SteelSeries QcK Mini mouse pads

SteelSeries QcK Mini is popular with many technology users. They own high-quality, durable rubber material for stability during use with a non-slip bottom.

Besides, the surface of the soft cloth lining, giving high mouse speed, game play, quick work processing. Size 250x210x2mm liner comfortable operation.

Simple but unique design. Bordered mouse pads for durability. Thick pads do not feel tired hand long operation. Price is about 190 thousand.

3. Razer Firefly high-end gaming mousepad

Genuine high-end mouse  pads – Razer Firefly is popular with many gamers. Hard keyboard type, high quality hard plastic material, for high durability, while creating a stable surface for the mouse to move.

The top surface of the track is woven from high-quality fabric, for high sensitivity and precision in operations. It helps improve mouse performance. High-end touchpad with Razer Chrome lighting system with support for 16.8 million colors, increasing sensor and mouse sensitivity

USB port provides power for the portable touchpad to light  up, improving efficiency. Professional product for gamers with large dimensions 355x255x3.5 mm for the ability to manipulate accurately, in a wide area, without any restrictions on players. However, price is about 1.6 million.

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