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The best gaming phones 2019: Gamers are using


In recent years, it seems that the phone is losing its essence. In 2018, if you produce a smartphone that is only for hearing – call then it is inevitable that sooner or later the company will be kicked out of the market.

The trend of current smartphones is that in addition to the basic features, a phone needs a smart dual-camera camera, eye-catching design, and especially must have a strong configuration to ensure good game titles. at least satisfy the needs of modern entertainment.

If you are a true gamer who wants to find a top-notch mobile phone that can replace a PC, check out this article!

Black Shark Helo: The world’s best gaming phone

Portable Black Shark Helo is the best Gaming Phone I want to introduce to you. However, if you are interested in technology, you probably know that the best title in the world does not belong to the “Black Shark” but the Asus ROG. But there is a problem you need to know that is ROG. Price up to 50 million 5 times Black Shark Helo, and I can assure you the performance of ROG can not be better than 5 times, you can refer to the detailed comparison below to know the situation:

Compare Black Shark Helo – ROG

Black Shark Helo with a pit-like design stabbed a game of war with a metal frame and two glass backs. Along the camera body are RGB LED strips, integrated of 16 million different colors.

In terms of display quality, it supports wide color gamut P3 and HDR. With an independent image processing chip, the wide color gamut of S.AMOLED technology and contrast ratio will be maximized. The market is very dangerous with a phone that can do that.

A gaming phone is certainly not without a powerful processor. Along with Snap 845 chip, Xiaomi always knows how to get its smartphone for the best performance.

Black Shark Helo, uses Kryo 385 architecture, with CPU clock speeds up to 2.8GHz. In addition, the CPU is paired with an Adreno 630 GPU, a LPDDR4X memory, the highest download speed is 1.2Gbps, while the highest upload speed is 150Mbps.

Score Antutu on Black Shark Helo reaching 290,000 points

Antutu score reaches 290,000 points Data reading speed is about 760MB / s, equivalent to USF2.1 standard performance.

Black Shark is also equipped with a dual heat sink system. The cooling device offers faster heat transfer and wider heat dissipation. The official heat transfer capacity is 5W, the double heat pipe is 10W.

Black Shark Helo wins all the hottest games on the market 

Not yet ……

If the current price of about 11 million Black Shark Helo makes you wonder, do not forget at HungMobile are selling versions ✪ Black Shark 1 notebook was released earlier this year. There is also a powerful Snap 845 chip, pit-proof design, heat sink, …. but just spending from 9 million can own the strongest gaming phone.

Play extreme games on Black Shark

In addition, Xiaomi recently officially introduced the 2nd generation Black Shark version with many upgrades on configuration and optimization of technology exclusively for gamers. 

Black Shark 2 uses Snap855 chip. Liquid cooling system 3.0. S.AMOLED screen, with an impressive light sensitivity of up to 240Hz. A screen design with no rabbit ears, no water droplets but full screen with thin edges. 

The device still retains the pit-like design of previous generations. Back glass, metal frame for sure. Logo S glows, the border is surrounded by long RBG lights. In addition to developing specifically for gamers, the Black Shark 2 is also equipped with dual camera clusters up to 48MP. 4000mAh terrible battery, 27W fast charger included with the device. 

Currently, Black Shark 2 versions are available at HungMobile, please refer to: 

  • Black Shark 2 6GB / 128G
  • Black Shark 2 8GB / 128GB 

Xiaomi Mi 9: Cheap late Flagship also of Xiaomi

During the event in early 2019, Xiaomi officially introduced its first Flagship for 2019 is the Xiaomi Mi 9. Mi 9 is the first phone equipped with Snap 855 chip, Qualcomm’s strongest. Currently, the performance score of the device is also leading in Android phones. All the latest games 2019 set the maxsetting mode, Mi 9 is handled gently.

Antutt points turn from left to right: Galaxy S9, Mi 9, Galaxy S10 Plus 

The company is also confident to declare Mi 9 is the most beautiful smartphone design of the company. The back of the machine is engraved with a shiny laser, not the universal gradient, but the integration of the rainbow color range. Can still change the machine but look more refined and artistic.

The front of the machine is the design of water droplets, the current trend standard. Compared to the previous generation, Mi 8, Mi 9 has the maximum thin edges. The border is 40% thinner than Mi 8 and the thinnest of the phones.

Besides an eye-catching design

Besides an eye-catching design, Mi 9 also scores points with strong configuration upgrades. Mi 9 is Xiaomi’s first Flagship with up to 3 cameras on the back. Quality image quality is evaluated in the Top 2 best shots in the world. The device is equipped with the strongest chip of Qualcomm, Snap 855. Optical fingerprint unlock technology in the screen for the fastest current speed. 3500mAh battery, integrated 27W fast charging technology. And the kit also comes with a high-capacity rechargeable bulb up to 27W. 

Xiaomi Mi 8: The phone game Snap 845 chips the cheapest price

Xiaomi Mi 8 is a Flagship located in the smartphone 3 to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Xiaomi’s launch. With this special meaning, Mi 8 is also equipped with the best technology and especially at an equally attractive price.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Like Black Shark Helo, Mi 8 runs Qualcomm’s Snap 845 chip for 2018. Its hardware meets all of the highest requirements for ✪ smartphones . The gestures of controlling games, processing video, cutting images Mi 8 all bring the fastest and smoothest experience.

The Antutu score reached 223,000 points with the Snapdragon 845

When playing high-demand games like Dead Trigger 2, PUBG Mobile, Mi 8 always reaches the maximum frame rate at the highest graphic setting.

Besides a powerful microprocessor, Xiaomi Mi 8 also owns an integrated dual camera camera AI in the top of the world’s best photography (according to DxOMark). Monolithic design with luxurious 2.5D beveled glass backs. Size 6.21 inch with 19: 9 aspect ratio feels comfortable to hold. FullHD + screen, S.AMOLED technology reaches the smartphone display standard 2019.

Galaxy Note 8: Flaghsip Samsung portable cheap configuration most powerful

People often refer to the Note 8 as a great phone for work, but forget that the Note 8 is a dream phone for gamers.

Galaxy Note 8 designed a large 6.3-inch screen 

Galaxy Note 8 with large size up to 6.3 inches typical of the Phablet line. Display quality is among the best top in the world with 2K screen, S.AMOLED resolution. There is Note 8 on hand, you will have the most eye-catching visual experiences, each game character, the most vividly reproduced and sharpest details.

Galaxy Note 8 powerful configuration 

With the powerful configuration of the Exynos 8895 (or US version of Snap 835) chip combined with the excellent display, we have no reason to reject the Galaxy Note 8 at the present time. 

If you do not buy Note 8 for the purpose of battle, the Note 8 is also a bright candidate for photographers addicted to photography. The first dual camera cluster on Samsung phones will definitely bring the best photos. The camera with a large aperture (f / 1.7) gives no different picture quality than bright enough shots. Fresh photo color, good balance, high detail and flattering eyes.

Galaxy Note 9: Special version with Snap 845 chip

Version Note 9 I want to introduce to you is the Note 9 version specifically for the US market. Compared to the genuine Korean Note 9 running Exynos 9810, the US Note 9 is favored with Snap 845 chip. With Qualcomm’s most specialized processor game, you will have the most dramatic Combat matches.

Note 9 has just been honored as the best phone in the world; The world’s No. 1 quality phone, dual camera cluster with 103 DxOMark points is in the Top 3 in the world. It can be said, Note 9 is the perfect phone at the moment.

Galaxy Note 9

iPhone 7 Plus: The oldest and most configurable old iPhone phone

Referring to the terrible performance phones to battle games, it is impossible not to mention Apple’s iPhone. There is a fact that, even up to a few years old, the iPhone still ensures you can win all the latest titles without any problems.

iPhone 7 Plus has 3 colors

iPhone 7 Plus with Apple A10 chip, is still a performance monster. Playing games with Max Setting mode is almost not difficult for the device. Fast and smooth is probably the best word for iPhone 7 Plus in 2019.

With a terrible configuration you need to add a good battery and the display is big enough for gaming and the International iPhone 7 Plus meets all of the above requirements.

5.5 inch size with excellent display quality of Retina display. The 2900mAh battery is optimized by Apple to ensure you have to fight the game for hours without worrying about charging.

iPhone 8 Plus: Perfect phone for the next 5 years

The last phone in the list of delicious game configuration smartphone crisis I want to introduce is the iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone 8 Plus is the complete version of the iPhone 7 Plus before. The Apple A11 Bionic chip is still in the Top of Performance for 2019. And surely if you only battle the game, you won’t be able to fully exploit the power of the machine.

Buying an iPhone 8 Plus at a time not only meets the current entertainment needs but is also a smart investment. With the iPhone 8 Plus, you can safely use it for 4-5 years while ensuring smooth performance. The monolithic design, with its polished glass back will never be outdated. Dual camera cluster on iPhone 8 Plus with excellent image processing technology of Apple will definitely conquer the most fastidious photographers.

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