Choose the best printer based on categories


Printers are one of the most important computer accessories. Because of a lot of models and brands appear on the market, people should choose carefully when buying.

Printer type

On the market today there are three common models include  laser printers ,  inkjet printers ,  dot matrix printers . Each type has different features, so it depends on the purpose of the user to choose the most satisfactory printer.

What is a laser printer?

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Laser printer  uses laser technology to print out paper based on the principle of using laser to project on a magnetic drum. Magnetic drum rotating through the ink tube (magnetic properties) so that the ink is absorbed into the drum, the paper moves through. Drum and ink are attached to the paper, the final stage is to dry the ink. Therefore, the ink sticks to the paper before going out. Besides, people divide laser printer into 2 types: black and white (monochrome) and color laser printer. Laser printers with high print speed, sharp prints, continuous operation, … are the first choice for businesses, agencies and families.


Inkjet printers are printers that use direct printing techniques where the dies do not need to contact the printing surface. They use small ink droplets through the print head part that the print head will move. Continuous transfer on the conveyor until the image printing process completes. Also, experts divide this type of printer into 2 types: black and white inkjet and color inkjet. Inkjet printer features such as billboard printing, disc printing, label printing, card printing, etc. with extremely high print quality, low power consumption, and high flexibility.


The dot matrix  printers are matrix operated printers. The machine is quite simple structure and uses special ink format unlike conventional printers. The needles are dotted with an ink cassette and dot up on the paper to display the information to be printed. The dot matrix printers can only print text, handwriting, but cannot print images and paintings. People use this printer to print invoices in shops, supermarkets and restaurants with diverse sizes, cheap prices, and clear print quality.

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