Choose the right keyboard types (P3)

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4. Laser keyboard

.y. Laser keyboards are divided into 2 common types.

– Laser projection keyboard: as shown in the image below, this project projected the keys on any surface. This type of keyboard uses the resistance of light to send signals to the identifier, knowing which key you just pressed. However, this type of keyboard does not give users the feeling of pressing, especially prone to typing errors.

– Optical laser keyboard: Unlike a projection keyboard, optical technology is based on the emitted light, such as a laser. Below the buttons, there are a number of vertically and horizontally preloaded lasers, along with image sensors, that tell when a laser is hidden and determine which key has been pressed.

So which type of key is right for you?

As a reminder, the list above isn’t all keyboard types, they’re just the most used keyboard technologies. But choosing a keyboard that suits each person’s needs is not easy.

Surely no one wants to use a magnetic keyboard and a laser keyboard to play games, and vice versa. People create the model of keyboard with the purpose of supporting different customer groups, optimizing different tasks.

The average computer user, not too demanding and demanding keyboard, they can use both mechanical and rubber keyboards. But above all need to balance the budget for buying a new keyboard.

Every keyboard product is aimed at certain users.
Every keyboard product pay attention to
certain users.

A specific audience is a gamer, most people will advise that you choose a mechanical key product. Mechanical keyboard has the advantage of high accuracy, good responsiveness, what gamers always need. The mechanical keyboard, however, includes a variety of switches with different touches, among them. Cherry’s Red Switch and Brown Switch are standing at the highest positions among gamers.

Other user groups are office workers, writers, rather those who type a lot. Subjects can type between 5,000 and 10,000 words a day, so they require a durable keyboard that feels good to their hands and doesn’t make silly typing errors. You can choose both a rubber key and a mechanical keyboard, but the mechanical keyboard has the advantage of durability (life can be up to 50 million times per key press), and the feeling is much better. Cherry’s Blue switch is quite suitable for this object.

Finally, if you are a pilot or engineer in a nuclear power plant, you have no right to choose your keyboard.

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