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Choose the right type of keyboard (P2)


2 . Mechanical

Mechanical keyboard technology is slowly reviving, as sales of this keyboard type are increasing sharply. Ordinary consumers began to pay more attention to mechanical keyboards when well-known peripheral manufacturers. For example, Razer or Corsair launched their new models. These products have many advantages in appearance as well as software features it compares with its “ancestors”.

Unlike the Membrance keyboard, the mechanical keyboard does not transmit information through a rubber membrane. However, it uses separate switches for each key. Accordingly, the switches of the mechanical keys are complexly constructed, with different components. Besides, the response of each switch is also different. These switches have the same function as the rubber membrane used on the membrance key. Also, the intermediary that transmits the signal from the key press to the bottom of the circuit board.

The most important part of the switches is located in the spring, different types of switches have different springs, bringing different pressures. Based on this principle of operation, some people have explored and replaced those springs, to make the keys more suitable for their hands. The color also plays an important role in attracting in the part that touches the key, making it easy for users to distinguish.

Not only stop as a normal input device, people also give mechanical a great amount of compliment, because the feeling of pressing the mechanical keys makes a completely difference in comparison with rubber keys. Another part, mechanical key users can also customize keycaps with different tones and materials.

3. The keyboard uses magnetic fields.

Instead of recognizing keystrokes via a mechanical switch, a rubber membrane or a mechanical switch, these keyboards require magnets and sensors to transmit signals. Each time the key is pressed, the magnet will move. The sensors on the bottom detect that movement and synchronize the information with your computer.

People often use this type of keyboard that require high accuracy, and require security. We can come across this type of keyboard in the cockpit of aircraft, submarines or nuclear power plants.

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