Choose the right type of keyboard (P1)


Keyboard plays an important role in the daily life. The following articles will help the users choose the best type of keyboard for themselves .

1) Rubber Keyboard (Membrance Keyboard)

The most common type of keyboard, used on many devices. They include ordinary computer keyboards, laptop keyboards, and even some models using hard keyboards. Also, they apply the mechanism of operation of the keyboard. rubber.

The keyboard uses this technology with 3 layers. The top layer consists of a high key press, or a printed code label affixed to the flat surface.

The middle layer acts as a gasket, made of rubber and this is also the reason why people call membrance key “rubber key”. This layer is responsible for conveying the force from the top layer to the bottom and create feedback for the key to bounce back to the press. In some keys, people equip springs to increase this level.

The other layer is the circuit board with small sensors, corresponding to each key press. This is the conversion of the vibrations sent down from the rubber sheet above, recognizing and knowing what the letter is pressed down.

Can be noticed, there are 2 ways to design buttons based on the height of the keys. Flat keyboards are often used on electronic devices such as photocopiers, microwaves, washing machines, etc.When pressing these buttons, we often feel a little elastic back to fingers but not really This is because the journey from the top layer (keypress) to the second layer (rubber) is very short.

With a regular keyboard model, with a high key, the feeling of pressing is more pronounced because the key stroke is now longer.

Another version of a rubber key, commonly called a “fake mechanical key”. This keyboard has switches often called “rubber dome”. As the name implies, this type of keyboard has a hybrid rubber membrane between the mechanical keys (discussed later in the article) and the normal rubber keys. Basically, this type still uses the old-fashioned mechanism. However, the rubber layer has been “modified” a bit depending on the ốefeedback that is often lacking on rubber keyboards.

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Manufacturers of keyboards and computers often customize the rubber membrane and contact point. For example, the keyboard on Apple’s Macbook has a slightly different design compared to conventional mebrance keyboards.

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