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9 most prosperous fast-food companies (P3)


The following article will show names of the final companies belong to top 9 most successful fast-food chains.

7. Domino’s Pizza: One of the leading fast-food companies (Pizza)

In 1960, brothers James and Tom Monaghan operated the original Domino’s Pizza restaurant in Ypsilanti, ­Michigan. At that time, they spent $500 purchasing a pizza store named DomiNick’s. Then, Tom became the sole owner of restaurant. Meanwhile, James transacted his share of the company for a Volkswagen Beetle . After that, Tom changed the name to Domino’s Pizza and it quickly turned out to be one of the leading pizza brands in the world. Now, they are serving one million clients per day and own 8000 stores belong to 50 nations. Moreover, they also own 140,000 staffs and the annual revenue is $1.4 billion.

8. Taco Bell

In 1962, in Downey of Carlifornia, Glen Bell operated the initial Taco Bell. In 1964, the original authorization was granted. Then, in 1969, this fast-food company went public on stock-market. Since 2011, the sales volume of this company has peaked 6 percent. Moreover, now, the total sales is more than $1.8 billion. Also, Taco Bell remains more than 6 thousand restaurants all over the world with 143,000 employees.

9. Arby’s

In 1964,  Forest and Leroy Raffel established this enterprise. Then, in 1991, this fast-food company became the pioneer in introducing the light menu, augmenting four salads and three sandwiches. And, all of them were under 300 calories as well as 94 percent fat free.

3 years later, this company prohibited smoking in their restaurants. Currently, this company retains more than 82 thousand staffs at 3,500 restaurants as well as achieving $1.8 billion revenue annually.

The article has completely showed the name and information of 9 most fruitful fast-food enterprises in the world as well as the history of these companies in order to help readers understand more clearly about them.

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