9 most prosperous fast-food companies (P2)


The previous article has showed 3 within 9 successful fast-food enterprises and below is the next part.

4. Burger King

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In December of 1954, David Edgerton and James McLamore ran the first Burger King in Miami, Florida. It based on the gathering line production system encouraged by an official visit to hamburger of McDonald’s stand. Nowadays, this fast-food company operates more than 11 thousand restaurants belong to 65 nations.

Besides, the average annual revenue of this company stands at $11.2 billion . Moreover, this fast-food enterprise also owns a huge number of employees: more than 340,000  and serves 11 million clients per day as well.

5. KFC Company

KFC or Kentucky ­Fried Chicken was a breakthrough of Harland Sanders . He ran his original restaurant when the Great Depression happened in a gas station belonged to Kentucky.

After that, in the 1930s, Sander progressed his clandestine formula of 11 herbs as well as spices. Moreover, this has been considered as one of the most effective secrets all over the world. Now, people lock this secret in a vault belongs to Louisville.

Colonel Sanders, as the information mentioned, he purchased his empire in 1964 with $2 million. Nowadays, KFC is a franchise with $10.3 million owns over than 11 thousand restaurants within 80 countries. Also, the staffs of this fast-food company are 750 thousand people serving over than billion “finger lickin’ good” chicken meals yearly.

6. Wendy’s

David Thomas operated the original Wendy’s- according to the name of his daughter in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. One year later, he commenced the drive-thru window, a consolidation that permitted them to buy food without going away their automobiles. Moreover, the passion of this fast-food chain for customer service as well as quality of items has maintained throughout the year.

Nowadays, the annual revenue of Wendy’s is $3.7 billion, the number of restaurants and employees are 9,900 and 58,000 respectively.

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