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9 most prosperous fast-food companies (P1)

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The residents of America use more money for fast food instead of films, music and other types of service.

The following article will show top 9 fast food companies and the way they stack up world wide.

1. Subway Company

In 1965, Fred DeLuca  (17 years old) and his family friend named Dr. Peter Buck were the co-founder of this company.

Nowadays, this enterprise owns 27,000 restaurants in 85 nations with 150,000 employees.

Annually, the total sales of Subway is more than $9 billion, this enterprise serves around 2,800 sandwiches as well as salad in the US per 60 seconds.

In case all the sandwiches Subway makes yearly were placed endlessly in comparison with other companies, they could wrap all over the world an approximated six times.

2. McDonald’s

In the 1940s, Dick and Mac McDonald found this company. Currently, the annual revenue of this corporation is more than 21 billion USD. Besides, they trains more annually new staffs than that of the US Army.

During 1968, they had approximately one thousand restaurants, however, up to now, they have operated 31 thousand ones.

3. Pizza Hut

In 1958 , Dan and his brother Frank Carney lived in Wichita, Kansas were the co-founder of Pizza Hut. Currently, this company based in Dallas, pays attention to pizza follow American style with side dishes. For example, bread sticks, garlic bread and buffalo wings.

Pizza Hut is the most prosperous pizza company in the world, running more than 12,500 restaurants in 100 nations with 140,000 employees. Only in the US, their annual revenue is $5.3 billion, rakes in more than their competitive companies Papa John’s and Domino associated.

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