5 interesting facts about computer keyboard


1.QWERTY is the least efficient key layout

This is the most common key layout on latin character keyboards, but not many people know that this layout is very inefficient. It requires your hands to be 50% more active than the Dvorak arrangement or 80% more than Colemak. However, no one has any intention to change the arrangement of this key because that sounds like it will make things more complicated.

2. When typing, your hand moves more than 1.6 km each time you type 10,000 words

These are the figures recorded when users use the QWERTY keyboard and average typing ability.

3. The keyboard for pictographic language has many different key layout

Keyboards from countries like Korea usually have one or two layouts, depending on the operating system it uses like Windows or Mac.

4. The keyboard is 5 times more dirty than a toilet

Not many users have a habit of cleaning the keyboard regularly, causing dirt such as hair, dead skin and many bacteria from your hands to be stuck on this computer accessory. That’s why people should clean this type of technological tool every week.

5. Hackers can track tasks on your keyboard

No stranger, Keylogger software is a data security threat. Hackers can install these programs on your device implicitly. Once infected, the keys you press will be recorded, including account numbers, credit cards and important passwords.

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