3 notes when buying computers hard drive


Before buying a hard drive to store data for your computer, what interests you?

The article “4 notes before buying your computer hard drive” below will help you make the best choice.

1. HDD or SSD

Currently, most users who choose to buy a computer want a solid-state drive instead of a traditional HDD . Basically, SSDs  as well as HDDs have functions used to store data for computers. Also, they also their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the use of a computer hard drive  HDD or SSD depends on the needs of each person.

SSDs use flash memory to store data instead of metal platters rotating by mechanical motors in HDDs. This structure is almost the same as in USB storage. The most striking feature of an SSD is that it has a much faster read and write speed than the HDD. Not only that, SSDs will help save battery power as well as increase battery time for laptops because the mechanism uses less power. In addition, SSDs do not use rotating mechanical components, so they will not cause noise and have a higher durability.

However, SSDs cost a lot more than HDDs. Therefore, if you only need backup storage, you should choose a traditional hard drive. And vice versa, if you are expecting devices to run the operating system faster or regularly want to access many files and other programs, SSD will be a good solution for you .

2. Physical size and connection port of the hard drive

After deciding whether to buy an SSD or an HDD, you need to pay attention to the size of the drive. On the market today there are 2 types of drive sizes are 3.5 inches will fit with desktop computers and 2.5 inches are usually used for laptops.

Manufacturers of 3.5-inch HDDs have released 10TB models, while the 2.5-inch SSD has the highest capacity of only 2TB.  Besides, SSDs are much smaller than HDDs, only 2.5 inches in size.

Not only that, the type of connection port suitable for your existing computer system also needs attention.Most HDDs and SSDs are now using the internal SATA interface, while the old IDE interface standard has hardly appeared on the market anymore.

Both SSDs and HDDs now feature SATA-3 ports that support data transfer rates of up to 6Gb / s, and are still backward compatible with older SATA-2 interfaces with 3Gb / s.

Meanwhile, if you want to use an external drive, you can choose the type of USB 2.0 interface (carrying speed of 480MB / s), USB 3.0 (speed of 5Gb / s) or Thunderbolt port (speed of up to 10Gb / s) if the computer is equipped with the corresponding port type.

3. Internal or external

Decide whether to buy an internal or external drive before buying a computer hard drive . At each computer will have at least one drive inside to be able to install operating systems and programs. If your computer already has an internal drive but you want to expand the storage capacity and also need data processing and copying speed, external drive will be the best choice for you. .

Meanwhile, if you are inclined about portability to easily carry data everywhere, you should choose an external drive. In theory, external drives are the perfect solution for removable storage and backup needs. You can also use an external drive to copy data between computers. Also, you canconnect it directly to a TV or stereo to play multimedia files.

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